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Property Management

Ditch unmanageable spreadsheets

Instead of sifting through cumbersome spreadsheets, your team will be able to view all details for a specific property in a single place. In District360, all relevant information for every property is easily visible in one organized entry with elements visible from other tabs (Owners, Managers, Tenants, etc). Plus, the contents of your entire spreadsheet are completely searchable in District360!

Account Management

Track Your Downtown Businesses

Profile and categorize your local businesses, including their industry, open hours, address, etc. Use this information to gain insight into your district's economic landscape. Additionally, track your commercial and retail occupancy rates for informed decision-making. Transform your conversations with prospective tenants, brokers, and other stakeholders with data-driven strategies!

Contact Management

Effortlessly manage contact communications

Keep your organization's contacts all in one place! Quickly and easily find key contacts for; targeted communications, see how they are connected to the businesses and properties in your database, manage your Board of Directors roster ... and more! Automatically record all interactions with contacts when District360 is connected to your email and/or your district’s Mailchimp account.

Public Asset Management

Easily organize your assets in the public realm

Inventory and map out all of your public assets in District360. From bike racks to recycling bins to street pole banners and wayfinding signs, the easily accessible status of each of these allows your team to connect the right vendors, city agencies, and property owners to the appropriate assets, maintain your own inventory and track necessary upkeep.

Service Request / Case Management

Efficiently manage street-level operations

Manage your Clean and Safe Team’s work directly inside District360. Capture all of your service requests and work orders in your core District360 CRM and tie those metrics back to the properties and businesses in your district. Easily translate your team’s work into a story of the value provided to each of your stakeholders and do it all from a central dashboard visible across your team.

Field Service Mobile App

Stay connected with the mobile app

The District360 mobile app pulls the power of the entire CRM into a streamlined interface. Street operations teams are able to log their work from anywhere providing operations managers with real-time status information on street-level activities at all times.

Directory Listing Management

Automatically update website content

Keep your online business directory automatically updated when District360 is connected to your website. No more juggling changes to your website listings with those in your CRM separately. You can choose which properties and businesses to list and which to omit and what details to include for each one.

Major Initiatives Management

Readily track and share major initiatives

In District360, you can connect contacts, accounts and properties so that all stakeholders are informed on the progress of major initiatives and projects over long periods of time. Upload important documents, include relevant correspondence, track related activities, and give your team a full picture and status update at any time.

Board Of Directors Management

Board & Committee Roster

Effortlessly oversee your board and committee members, keep tabs on their tenure and contributions, and streamline communication by sending meeting packets and invites to all members en masse. Simplify your administrative tasks by maintaining current and historical board rosters within a single centralized system for easy accessibility.